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Project Log Update

The list, what has been done so far.

•    Finish a round of ROTOR (or ROT, as it will probably end up being.  This will be published here on the site, maybe a few other places as well).  Is being worked on by both the illustrator and photographer.  Finished my part.
•    Finish creating If We Knew Any Better.  If this gets done, it’ll be put here as a PDF download, probably.  Is being worked on by cover artist.  Poem collection and editing complete.
•    Blog a little.  I have a few ideas.
•    Finish the first draft of Lazy Summer, which is going to end up being a novelette.
•    Finish a second and maybe even a third draft of Program.  Well, complete Program.

So basically everything I could do by myself.

I’m self-motivated.

Tomorrow begins Things I’ve Learned… publication.



Added an About the Author corner, in which I added my Twitter and email.

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ly I had a better title for updates than “Updates!” but oh well.

Edited: Fiction, theme, blog title.

Added: Tiny stories (collection of brainmatter) under Fiction.

Sunday Updates

INDIE skip week today. Go cry in a corner.

I did upload a PDF file for a crappy childrens story I did for my Creative Writing class, check under Fiction, it’s called How Colors Grow. I’ll scan the cover and stuff when we make them and edit the PDF.

Also, next Sunday I’ll upload the first nine 1aDays, and keep updating every Sunday till May is done.

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