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Pop Album Chapter Book

Listening to Bloc Party’s Silent Alarm today, got me thinking.

Each one of the songs on Silent Alarm are stand alone.  Singles.  None of the tracks flow into the next.  No beats are fed.  No melodies consistent over four minutes.  Each song is a single, in the fact no other tracks are needed to make the sound full.

Thinking story-wise, what would a pop album look like?  Something like Tom Sawyer maybe, but less connected.  Stories about the same character/setting/idea, but instead of the basic short story collection, you have a novel.

One long story, told through stories.  Songs.  Chapters.

You’d have to have the song sets.  Things like ballads, love songs.  I can’t think of any other song themes.  But you get it.  More on this as it develops.

My brain doesn’t make any sense to other people, only to me, and for that I apologise.



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