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Story now on iTunes

A story of mine called ‘Speak Easy’ can be heard through this iTunes podcast or alternatively can be heard on this blog.

I could just repeat what the blog says or quote it here.  I’ll quote it here.

What is Telling of Tales?

Telling of Tales was originally conceived as two things: Experience for myself as a vocal perfomer and – more importantly – a new way for unfairly unknown writers to connect with an audience. People don’t read as many books as before, but audiobooks and podcasts are still fairly popular as they combine information and art with the convenience of consumption on the move.

It’s really as simple as that. Writers can send in their short stories and have them read aloud to the audience of the podcast. In time, I hope we will be up to five readers so that we could read a story every day, meaning that I could feature more writers than if I keep going on my own.


Coming Next Week to JRWS: Things I’ve Learned From Books I’ve Read

This new column will be weekly, and will give tips on style as well as recommendations on books you should be reading. It will go on for about as long as I write them, and will be released here every Thursday under the blog. A month’s worth will be collected and placed under a new tab, Writing Tips, at the end of each month.

Be here next Thursday.

Project Log: August

Project Log: August
This is the first project log I’m doing.  I think it’s basically a to-do list.  I should’ve started this last month, but I wasn’t thinking.  So, here’s a list of things I did during the month of July.
•    Finished the first draft of a short story called Program.
•    Started ROTOR.
•    Started the Everyday Virgin blog (which is still in a sad state, honestly).
•    Worked on the poem collection, If We Knew Any Better…
•    Worked a ton on to complete my goal to finish Lazy Summer, a book I’m working on.
This is the things I hope to get done during August.  Before August 25th; this is regrettably when school starts again.  Less than a month before school starts.  So why not make a whole bunch of crazy goals and go for it, I say.  Anyway, the list:
•    Finish a round of ROTOR (or ROT, as it will probably end up being.  This will be published here on the site, maybe a few other places as well).
•    Finish creating If We Knew Any Better.  If this gets done, it’ll be put here as a PDF download, probably.
•    Blog a little.  I have a few ideas.
•    Finish the first draft of Lazy Summer, which is going to end up being a novelette.
•    Finish a second and maybe even a third draft of Program.  Well, complete Program.
When September rolls around I’ll tell you how it went.  Or maybe if you watch the site you’ll figure it out your beautiful little selves.


Added an About the Author corner, in which I added my Twitter and email.

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I’ve started something inspired by Sam at and Pitchfork Media. I call it fifty word shuffle, in which I shuffle up my music, play a song and write a fifty word story based on what that song inspired. Its fun, easy. Teaches how to say a lot with only a few words. Good writing excercise. These will be published at the end of the month.

This message is from a Virgin Mobile customer. Enjoy.


So. I was bored. Made new plans.
I’ve been writing snippets of a novel idea I had: Lazy Summer. June is Lazy Summer month, which, I suppose, is perfect, considering summer starts soon. This week I’m going to transcribe all I’ve written into the machine, as well as continue to work detailing the plot. You know, its weird: I find this stuff fun.


No new updates this week for the site. However: I entered a contest for short stories. Probably not going to win, but meh. Entered Turtle&Duck story (look under Fiction), as well as two others I have yet to publish on here. Also, today I begin editing the poems and things I recieved for “Because We Don’t Know Any Better…”, the literary magazine I’m putting together. July isn’t as busy as I would’ve liked.

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