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Pop Album Chapter Book

Listening to Bloc Party’s Silent Alarm today, got me thinking.

Each one of the songs on Silent Alarm are stand alone.  Singles.  None of the tracks flow into the next.  No beats are fed.  No melodies consistent over four minutes.  Each song is a single, in the fact no other tracks are needed to make the sound full.

Thinking story-wise, what would a pop album look like?  Something like Tom Sawyer maybe, but less connected.  Stories about the same character/setting/idea, but instead of the basic short story collection, you have a novel.

One long story, told through stories.  Songs.  Chapters.

You’d have to have the song sets.  Things like ballads, love songs.  I can’t think of any other song themes.  But you get it.  More on this as it develops.

My brain doesn’t make any sense to other people, only to me, and for that I apologise.



Added an About the Author corner, in which I added my Twitter and email.

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Announcing: 1aDays

For the month of May,  I’ll be writing a (at least) 300  word brainmatter post in the vein of  Sweet Jane, which was posted earlier.  These will be posted weekly (because I can’t get on everyday) in a new catagory.

Be excited,  I’m excited.

INDIE Day (an interlude)

New INDIE today, half chapter, filling in between, well, what happens Monday and what will happen Tuesday in the story.  Enjoy.

Other updates: plotted much of the novella last night.  Much.  And I finished the first draft of the lesbian/wizard short story,  which I’m editing now and should have up next Sunday, along with maybe an extra something for INDIE.

Now that this weekend is over, I can take a break.

Call for Submissions

I’m putting together a literary magazine.

If you’re a writer, any kind of writer at all, I would appreciate any submissions you want to give for it.

Also, graphic design artists are welcome for a hand in the design of the mag.

Details in the page. Look to your right.


Also, no new INDIE this week. Its been plotted.

My plotting method?  Sticky notes.

My plotting method? Sticky notes.

New entry up next Sunday. And we’ll get back on track.

The Inconspicuous White Binder

The Inconspicuous White Binder

The Inconspicuous White Binder

I’ve made a binder to keep my creative project’s progress in. I have five tabs, “Ideas,” one for God Hates Me, one for the INDIE, and one for my current short story (which is about magic and confused sexuality) called the Corner Wizard, and then one for paper and such. It’s pretty cool. I’m inspired to work in it.

Also: the INDIE may not be updated this week, as I’m taking a break week and one to plot it, which I know is full of excuses, but oh well. You don’t want crap writing do you?

Sunday is INDIE Day!

New INDIE up.

Also, I’ve ecided to attempt a literary magazine focusing around the generaly specific topic of relationships (not just love; friends, family) in any situation (breaking up, fights, anything to do with it) and I am taking submissions. If you write at all: articles (or blogs, if you’re a blogger), poems, stories, anything and are interested in being a part of it comment here please. Also, visual artists are needed as well.

Thanks for coming.

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