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John Royal likes taking back things…

Like plans:
God Hates Me is trashed. I’ve realized, no good plot. Plot is crap. Plot is mess. Plot is missing. Plot is ugly. Plot is… the reason why its been trashed.
1aDays was a bad idea. I did it every day up till the 11th and stopped. I will publish the fiction written during this as Brainmatter under Fiction soon.

However, I have written two short stories, edited a third. Will be published and also entered into a contest by the end of May.



Typed this last night on my computer. Because I have nothing better to do at night. But I still don’t sleep.


It’s late. It’s more than late, its tomorrow already. My brain is in overdrive despite it being under-fueled and underfed and according-to-oh-so-many-people, underachieved. Continue reading ‘Late.’

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