John Royal writes things.

John Royal is a young author, not an aspiring author, a young author. He aspires to be published in or on something other than his website and things he publishes himself.

He will be, eventually.

John Royal can be contacted via email here, which he checks almost every day.

He also has a Twitter, which he updates frequently, follow if you would like, though, he would like to warn you, he updates a lot. Probably more than he should.

John Royal enjoys writing in third person about himself. John Royal is weird.

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John Royal Tells You About The Website

Don't let the scary picture, well. Scare you.

Here, I write stuff.

Look for free-to-read Fiction under the tab above, and Writing Tips in the blogroll as I put them up.

If you want to know more about me, click the pic.

John Royal’s Tweetroll


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