Nonlazy Summer

Things finished this summer.

1.Finished first draft of Lazy Summer, a novella.  This is the first novella I’ve written, second I’ve tried to write (first being a heinous experiment called God Hates Me, which didn’t end up being as fun writing as I thought it would be, so it was of course dropped) and it’s also the longest thing I’ve written at 25k words and some change.

2.Was published on iTunes.  Link to the iTunes podcast is here, link to the blog is here.  Story was originally around 1200 words, then I had to drop about a third of it to fit the word parameters.  The quality reflects that.

3.(Also on a note that doesn’t have to do with anything, I realized I’m a huge fan of lists.  I love making them, reading them…  Anyway.)

4.Finished short story Program, which I hope to end up selling to someone.

5.Read: Snuff, Fight Club, Rant (all by Chuck Palahniuk.), You Suck by Christopher Moore and The Savage Detectives by Roberto Bolaño.

6.Started blogging.  Which is more fun than I thought it’d be.

My goals for the summer were to, well.  Only that top one.  And it is complete, for now, which means I have about a week (less than, actually, by the time this is published) to waste time.

Hello fair lady Xbox.

How I have missed you so.


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